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Reformed Blacks of America (RBA) is pleased to announce the launch of the Reformed Theological Seminary African-American Student Recruitment Initiative. This initiative at Reformed Theological Seminary-Orlando (RTS) will provide significant scholarship funding for qualified Reformed African-Americans interested in pursuing a Masters of Divinity as a participant in the African American Imagination and Theology Project. Through prayer and discussion, RTS-Orlando has expressed not only a desire, but also a definite commitment of necessary funds in order to secure such an opportunity for some scholarship applicants.

The foremost purpose of this initiative is to establish a relationship between RTS and Reformed Black churches through the recruitment and education of the students of those congregations. But the initiative is focused also on locating any qualified Reformed African-Americans interested in obtained a Masters of Divinity at a reformed institution.

RBA is currently contacting interested individuals and churches and will soon engage a limited number of churches across the country through travel to respective cities and personal visitation.

If you or someone you know is interested in finding out more about this initiative, please email us at info@ReformedBlacksOfAmerica.org. Please include the subject heading: RTS African-American Initiative. Also, please include the name and contact information (email and phone number) of the interested church(es) and/or individual(s).