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Posted on: 09/28/11:

The Troy Davis Dilemma

Category: Social
Posted by: AWilkes
The State of Georgia executed Troy Davis on September 21st at 11:08pm. Twitter activity subsequently mushroomed, yielding three Davis related trends #RIPTROYDAVIS, #DearGeorgia, and #JusticeSystem. This post from Nightline anchor Terry Moran was frequently re-tweeted:

Questions abound. If we begin with a common political science definition of government as the monopoly of legitimate coercion and our general acceptance of police, taxes, and the like suggest that we do we might further ask: Under what circumstances can coercion be legitimately exercised? Is capital punishment a legitimate exercise of force?

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Category: Black
Posted by: KHarrell
In a world filled with problems and difficult situations that demand our attention, I have found one situation that dominates my thinking. The problem is the dilemma which faces the Black Christian intellectual in America. Intellectuals, those strange creatures who choose to live a life of the mind, are an unappreciated group throughout the world. In a world that has come to think of education solely in terms of its utilitarian function of producing useful employees for the marketplace rather than exposing people to the market place of ideas, the stubborn intellectual is a stranger and alienated.

Of course, some societies value their intellectuals more than others. In this regard, Western Europe comes to mind. The United States of America has long been criticized for its anti-intellectual atmosphere and I am convinced that this critique rings true. For all of our advancements in the economic arena and technology, American society has a profound distrust of intellectuals and intellectualism. As a result of this distrust, Americans are reluctant to create environments in which intellectuals can flourish. This includes our colleges and universities which have long surrendered themselves to the pressure of producing viable employees for capital markets. This reality has had a devastating effect on all intellectually inclined persons but has even more negatively impacted the Black American intellectuals who have few infrastructures outside of academic ones to hone their craft.

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